samedi 8 septembre 2012

Un peu de géographie...

Pour avoir quelques points de repère sur les différents endroits cités dans ce blog, voici la carte des états australiens :

8 états, donc, et chacun a son slogan, affiché sur les plaques d'immatriculation :
  • New South Wales - First State (previously The Premier State), Towards 2000
  • Victoria - Garden State, The Place to Be, On the Move
  • Queensland - Sunshine State, Smart State, Beautiful one day perfect the next
  • Western Australia - The Real Thing (previously Golden State, State of Excitement, Wildflower State)
  • South Australia - Festival State, Better by Bike, The Wine State, The Defence State, The Creative State
  • Tasmania - Apple Isle, Holiday Isle, Natural State (also Your Natural State), Explore the Possibilities
  • Australian Capital Territory - Nation's Capital (previously Heart of the Nation and Feel the Power)
  • Northern Territory - Outback Australia, The Never Never, The Difference is Opportunity

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